Custom Fleet Build

ABTC has years of experience in performing extensive fleet builds for end customers such as Linfox, Tolls, Australia Post. Typically this includes processing a large quantity of vehicles with a consistent build to suit the customer's requirements. Common jobs include:

  • Accessory and fitment and modification such as auxiliary lighting, reverse cameras, CB radios, fuel tanks, wheels, paint/chassis colour, fridges, suspension diff, grab handles, steps, air conditioners, aero kits, aerials, bull bars, 5th wheel angles, detailing, power take-offs, fire extinguishers, mudguards, stone guards, side skirts, tow hitches, wind deflectors, roof bars and Power Distribution Modules (PDMs).
  • Equipment relocation: air tanks, fuel tanks, batteries and spare wheels.
  • Show truck custom requirements.
  • In-house parts manufacturing (E.g. walk plates and brackets).
  • Coordination of sublet work: chassis paint, window tinting, aluminium polishing, diff axle ratio change, weighbridge, wheel alignment, rim swap, tire fitment/swap, repair wings/chassis (panel beating), truck movements, engineering and blue plate certification, VASS certificates, turntable fitment.

ABTC works closely with our customers to meet their needs. You name it, we fit it, remove it or modify it!

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