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Established in 2000, ABTC started out as a mobile service with Ernst and his team of 13 subcontractors processing a substantial amount of Daimler’s Vehicle Processing Centre work. Eventually, this work lead to ABTC gaining its first significant contract with Daimler and the establishment of ABTC’s current vehicle processing facility at Dandenong South in March 2006.


We adhere to stringent quality!
  • Ernie Gugler

    Originally trained as a diesel mechanic in Austria, ABTC Director Ernst Gugler worked for Daimler for 11 years before founding ABTC in 2000. He immigrated to Australia in 1986 and worked with Bib Stillwell and then Arnolds Transport as a mechanic before joining DaimlerChrysler Australia Pacific Pty Ltd (Daimler) in 1989. Ernst served Daimler for eleven years, firstly as a Continue Reading

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  • Sabina Gugler

    For the past 16 years, Sabina has dedicated herself to improving the management practices and processes at ABTC. Her skills and expertise in leadership, people management, finance and administration complement Ernst’s operational and technical expertise in running ABTC.  

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In order to maintain high quality standards, ABTC also takes care to document work through photo records, diagrams and work instructions. This is to ensure consistency in work across fleet vehicles and for future reference as needed.

ABTC currently employs approximately 40 staff. Our team includes qualified and technically experienced operational and administrative staff, ensuring all aspects of business compliance are met and risks managed.

One of ABTC’s proudest achievements is the processing of 180 Linfox custom build vehicles during the last 4 months of 2008, during which all delivery date requirements were met. This was an extraordinary achievement that set ABTC well on its way to repeating similar requests for Mercedes-Benz and Fuso fleets time and time again for companies and organisations such as Linfox, Toll, Aldi, Finemore, Defence and Australia Post. Services also include chassis modifications for a wide range of vehicles (including outback 4WD vehicles and aircraft refuellers) and Pre-Delivery Inspections (PDI) for trucks and buses..